Spiral Potato Slicer

RS2,500.00 RS1,299.00

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Makes slicing potatoes in twisted shape convenientĀ 
  • Rubber suction mount on bottom
  • Easy to use and clean


1. Function and principle: Through simple operation, to complete a one-time peeling to potato or other fruits, and also can peel to the core and cut thin slice, you can also use only peeling function.
2. Features: The aluminum bracket, with a plastic suction cup to fix the machine; and the design of flexible peeling tool profiling ability, can adapt to the cutting of different degrees of elliptical degrees and convex surface.
3. Material structure: This machine has aluminum-zinc alloy and stainless steel cutting tools and other materials, the other parts by electroplating, spray and other process.
4.After processing: cut into thin slices, after frying, fresh and crisp when you eating! Creating a lot of convenience, is a good helper of civilized life, but also gifts for relatives and friends and elders and promotions such as a good gift!