18x Mobile Camera Zoom lens

RS5,000.00 RS2,499.00

  • Telescope Lens
  • Magnification: 18x
  • Angle of view: 90 Degress
  • Photographic distances:2000Meters
  • Wide angle Lens
  • Marco Lens


High quality and high definition product that will make your short-sighted camera/phone into a Telephoto. It can be used as a binocular separately and serves appropriately for all cameras and mobile phones. Watch movies, play games, Travel, photograph etc. 18 x Zoom Lens Telescope. Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a Telephoto. Can be used as a binocular separately. Micro Manual focus adjustment.. Suitable for all latest Smart Phones

Smartphone adjustable camera lens with 18x zoom. Can be used to Improve image quality. Increases zoom for a far scoped capture with Manual zoom like cameras for different distance images.  The 18x optical lens has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, it can support any mobile phone horizontal and vertical shoot, function very useful. These exquisite and simple design, for your mobile phone adds new telephoto shooting function experience.